You might know what a locomotive is? Well, here I found someone that have made a solar powered railway trolley. It just looks very interesting as it would be very efficient to be able to take solar powered trains or even trams in the future? Here is the crazy butContinue Reading

Have you ever wondered how the salty ocean can give such awesome frost clouds near the ocean level? This is because of the air temperature. When the air temperature reaches below -6C, the ocean looks as if its going to boil before ice starts to be seen. First the iceContinue Reading

The differences between Somalia and North Korea as the worst corrupted nations in 2014 and Denmark which have ended at 1st place on the corruption perception index 2014 is huge. It also says that Norway landed on 5th place, which got beaten by New Zealand, Finland and Sweden, while countriesContinue Reading

The Giants of the sea have been spotted in New Zealand. These huge whales are very rare. They have been spotted at the coast of North Island by NIWA scientists. The whales, the world’s largest animal remain one of the planet’s most elusive creatures. Respect is a good word towardsContinue Reading


Do you read your local newspapers? Do you feel that most news only comes from where you live? Distrita aims at connecting the whole world. Here you get news about bits and bytes and we mean it! We want to give you today’s news, but not only from CNN andContinue Reading

Auckland – Besides being the largest city and the most beautiful of New Zealand, Auckland has many. Beautiful scenery. It also has a restaurant that serves very good food with food cards worldwide Wellington – the second largest city and the capital of New Zealand is also an interesting place,Continue Reading

WORLD: In far, far east.. There is a land called Tarawa with capital Kiribati. This country is about to be history as ocean rises. The highest peak is 2 meters above sea level. Now, Kiribati have asked kindly both Australia and New Zealand about help to rescue its citizens. But, Continue Reading

  There is no doubt that dogs are incredible animals capable of doing many things, in New Zealand the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Incorporated (SPCA Auckland), has proposed to teach to drive to three dogs, Ginny, Monty and Porter. The objective of the campaign, wasContinue Reading