Knight Rider is a really high-tech modern crime series where David Hasselhoff is starring as Micheael Knight. It was first aired in 1982 by NBC. The show got lots of fans very quickly, but in 1986 they decided to stop it. All of the episodes are interesting to watch, butContinue Reading

The Late Show with David Letterman has been CBS’ most popular talkshow! Of the major American late-night programs, Late Show ranks second in cumulative average viewers over time and third in number of episodes over time. That’s impressing stats for a talkshow, going on CBS since 1993! Before 1993, LettermanContinue Reading


NBC has picked up a brand new drama series for broadcast in Summer 2013. It is named “Camp” and will go on for 13 episodes. It is not the first time NBC is trying to broadcast summer drama, but with varied success until now. Let’s give them a new chance!Continue Reading