Today at 18.30 (local time in Norway), Norwegian muslims will create a ring around the only synagogue in Oslo to show their support for Norwegian Jews. Distrita wants to cover it tonight and hopes to give a more extensive report from the event tonight. Many International broadcasters like CNN and BBCContinue Reading

On 22nd of July 2011, Oslo was attacked by Anders Breivik. Now he sits behind bars and is a pain for all tax payers. In Norway all government taxes goes to hospitals and prisons, but since Anders Breivik needs extra protection he also requires extra attention. Today its 2015, thatContinue Reading

The history as we know it is blended by the people around us. We humans tend to like communities, even if it comes to killing others. Before 9/11 the world was more open than ever before. The borders between countries was not so cold and ports didn’t have huge fences.Continue Reading

Distrita Care sets focus on Pakistan and the bombing of All Saints Church in Peshawar, which is a huge city with over 2 million people. This weekend, it is one year after Church bombing in All Saints Church in Peshawar. 22nd of September was the date, when the brutal bombingContinue Reading

Leaders of the Dansk Folkeparti have said there are enough Muslims living in Denmark and the government should put border patrols in place to ensure no more are allowed to enter. The defence spokesman for the party, Marie Krarup, said now is the time to halt Muslim immigration completely. HeContinue Reading