In a time before MP3s, iTunes and Spotify, Amiga was simply the best computer for playing digital made music. Thru advanced trackers like Protracker or even DigiBooster PRO you could create music out of samples. And the creative Amiga community made thousands of MODs for people to play thru MODContinue Reading

If you like the music on FXTV or just want to listen to it by yourself. You can get the Amiga remixed songs at – This site is updated monthly with new songs created by musician artists. Amiga had this creative community ever since it was launched almost. InContinue Reading

Do you remember the times with tracking? Tracking? … At the start of computing world, before MP3s came. There was tracking! People made music on their beloved 8-bit Paula computers from Commodore. Protracker is one of the most known trackers, but also OctaMED for Amiga and FastTracker for PC. NowContinue Reading

There was a time when people used computers like Amiga, Atari or Mac for music making. People made MIDI-music and tracking music. People got samplers and made files with music, which could be played by players like Hippo Player for Amiga. Now, people uses stream services more and more. PeopleContinue Reading