Crafti Minecraft Dreamcast - Photo: The Dreamcast Junkyard

The people at The Dreamcast Junkyard, released a nice article about Crafti which is a superb Minecraft Clone for Dreamcast. This means you can walk around and build different kinds of blocks everywhere you go on your favourite Dreamcast console! Get it Now ant Test it for Yourself At DCemulationContinue Reading

Once upon a time, there was a person called Bill Gates who started up Microsoft. Now that company have bought Minecraft studio for 2.5 Billion American Dollars. This billion number is even higher when it comes to Norwegian currency, where this sounds even more drastic as the number is 15.9Continue Reading

With ultra flexible building blocks and few rules, the building game “Minecraft” has become a kind of modern, digital Lego, where creative minds can unfold freely. The user “Lentebriesje” on website Planet Minecraft, is currently working to create a realistic replica of Earth in 1:1500 scale, with accurate terrain andContinue Reading