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With hot summers and mild winters, Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city with just over 1 million citizens. Then its nice to be able to get around in an easy way. In most of European cities at this size, there are both trams, metros and subways helping out. Oslo forContinue Reading

The construction will begin to start in 2018, for completion by 2026. It will go thru the Melbourne City metro circle. Melbourne is one of Australia’s biggest cities. The line will go thru the circle and become a great alternative to the Metro ring. This new alternative will also giveContinue Reading

There are not many thrillers produced in Norway every year, and even more seldom they are succesful. Pioneer came out last year and became quiet succesful. Now it’s broadcasting around the world. Director Erik Skjoldbjærg (Insomnia, Prozac Nation) has created a thrilling, claustrophobic conspiracy based on true events, the Pioneer.Continue Reading

There are lots of arabic airlines in the air… Etihad is one of them. They have their base in Abu Dhabi, and fly from the world and back to home, as their slogan is…