Robin Stjernberg

The boy match was between the 17 year old Yohio and the 22 year old Robin. But Robin had the strongest song! He has song 3 weeks in row. He’s the first Melody Festival singer ever that goes from the 2nd chance and wins the final! We congratulate him, andContinue Reading

Ulrik Munther

The semifinals are over. But the Swedish music circus continues. There’s still a second chance. Next week 8 of the singers will sing one more time and the Swedish viewers will choose their favorites. And after that, there’s a Grand Finale. There will be 10 performances in the big finalContinue Reading

EUROVISION: This year, Margaret Berger will be sent from Norway to our neighbor country Sweden! She had the voice, the look and the rythm that made people vote for her. She is known for Norwegian IDOL where she almost made it in 2002. Now she won Eurovision Song Contest finalContinue Reading

EUROVISION: Its clear now, that Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson with his song, Ég á Líf have won the Icelandic part of Eurovision Song Contest. He is a good candidate, and can be a threat to many. Remember Irland which won several times? Let’s see on 18th of May this year. Distrita followsContinue Reading