Amiga Flappy Bird Version

One of the most silly games ever released on this planet, must be Flappy Bird! Yet it is so addictive. You just have to pass the next pipe passage (Mario pipes infact) etc!.. And this game took the mobile phones by storm back in 2013, when it was developed byContinue Reading

Lemmings Touch Bar

A person named Erik Olsson, have just released a video of Lemmings walking on his MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar screen. Pretty stunning, nostalgia and an awesome thing to do for sure! This may be the best app I've ever built — Erik Olsson (@valross2) December 11, 2016 He mentionsContinue Reading

My computer here, where I sit and write this shows that today it is Monday 24th of November 2014 and a new Amiga shooting game have been launched. Its free, but its very well done. Lots of humour and a great greeting to all Amigan’s from Mikael Persson. The gameContinue Reading