is pleased to announce new items added to our stock inventory from manufacturer, Retro 7-bit. Kickstart Switchers A500Flash Kickstart Switcher 1M for Amiga 500, 500 and 2000. This comes with 1MB of built-in Flash memory and can be used with 1MB and Extended ROMs. Switching between available Kickstart imagesContinue Reading

A new text editor for AmigaOS have now appeared on Aminet. It is made by Kai Scherrer and the very special thing about it is the support for AmigaOS 1.2 with Kickstart 1.2. Because of this you can run it from your beloved OCS Amiga also. Redit text editor alsoContinue Reading

 In 1991, PC couldn’t speak much. Mac’s was horrible expensive and Atari almost gave up. Commodore was on idea rush and in March 1991, the almighty Commodore released CDTV (which stands for Commodore Dynamic Total Vision). Commodore didn’t want this product to be part of the Amiga family, though theContinue Reading