After just few months out, Sailfish OS is getting more and more software which is Sailfish OS native. As a result of this, users doesn’t need to install Android apps. So, what with this weather app? MeeCast delivers a high quality weather app for Sailfish OS users. A more sexyContinue Reading

Most of us nerds tends to be thin in our teenager years, then our bellies starts to grow and sudden you want to get back into shape. Weight Log for Sailfish OS is a small app which is very small, but good for you if you want to go downContinue Reading

Nokia is Going for Android: This is shocking news. All of the mobile news sites, which I have been visiting today have written about this Nokia-Android shock!… but no one dares to ask… Why not supporting Jolla’s Sailfish OS instead which also have Android support? Jolla division was the MeeGoContinue Reading

There is something to the words “we are unlike” from Jolla. Today Jolla have released 2 different “other half” covers. First one is called Keira Black while the other one Aloe which is themed greenish. When you buy these other halfs, you get themed ringtone and exclusive wallpapers. Much moreContinue Reading

Here is a small list of Distrita’s 5 most read articles last 7 days. Jolla seems to interest people, but also birds and our article about Desert Fox. Thanks to all visiting our site. If you have some news that you want to share with us? Contact us today!  JollaContinue Reading

Before Nokia went into Windows Mobile business. They managed to release a phone called Nokia N9. It was equipped with MeeGo operating system, which Sailfish OS is based on. The phone sold very well, even with low advertisement. It outsold many of Nokia’s first Windows Mobile phones also. But NokiaContinue Reading

Nokia has just posted its results for the fourth quarter of 2013 – this is the last set of quarterly results which include the devices division, which has been sold to Microsoft. The parts that remain at Nokia are doing relatively well, but the holiday quarter for Lumia was aContinue Reading

Sailfish X is now out for Sony XperiaX

Before time was time. There was Nokia N9 smarthpone with MeeGo. A phone, that could have saved Nokia. This smartphone was the only phone with MeeGo operating system from Nokia. The phone got a very nice design (similar to Nokia’s Windows phone mobiles) and is one of the mobile phonesContinue Reading

iPhone and MacBooks is selling a lot worldwide. With iOS7, Apple and iPhone have yet again made a milestone, but in enviroment thinking, Apple doesn’t care it seems. People of Apple products knows very well, that the power charging connector used on their devices, changes often and that people usingContinue Reading