People from all corners of the world seems to see the U.S. President movements as treats to the stability in the world. 84% of Japanese people are now becoming concerned about the U.S. administrations actions. Global instability According to Kyodo News survey that is described on website, 84% ofContinue Reading

In one of worlds most polluted cities. It is great to see that finally a Metro system is getting developed. The MRT Jakarta company has awarded Sumitomo Corp and Nippon Sharyo a 13 billion Yen contract for the supply of 16 car trainsets for the first Jakarta metro line whichContinue Reading

So, it’s one of the videos that I have seen on YouTube lately and this is quite entertaining coming from someone who happens to do pottery in a weird way. Just a warning though to the females: Just don’t drink milk when watching this video. Watch it here:¬†Pottery time!