People from all corners of the world seems to see the U.S. President movements as treats to the stability in the world. 84% of Japanese people are now becoming concerned about the U.S. administrations actions. Global instability According to Kyodo News survey that is described on website, 84% ofContinue Reading

In one of worlds most polluted cities. It is great to see that finally a Metro system is getting developed. The MRT Jakarta company has awarded Sumitomo Corp and Nippon Sharyo a 13 billion Yen contract for the supply of 16 car trainsets for the first Jakarta metro line whichContinue Reading

So, it’s one of the videos that I have seen on YouTube lately and this is quite entertaining coming from someone who happens to do pottery in a weird way. Just a warning though to the females: Just don’t drink milk when watching this video. Watch it here: Pottery time!

Here in Scandinavia we tend to get more and more Television channels. They all ignores broadcasting Japanese Anime. Why? When going on-line, there are many interested in Anime. Norway have never seen One Piece or Naruto on Norwegian TV. There have also never been shown Sailor Moon or other wellContinue Reading


The name zentai suit was first born in 1886. In the early 20th century, zentai suit began to be applied in the circus and acrobatics for the performers’ wearing Avatar costume Neytiri. Zentai (from the Japanese ゼンタイ) is a term for skin-tight garments that cover the entire body. Morphsuits isContinue Reading