FIFA can confirm that we have opened disciplinary action against Uruguayan Luis Suarez after what seems like violation of disciplinary rules during the match between Italy and Uruguay. The player and the Uruguayan Football Association are invited to submit their views and any evidence at 17.00 Brazilian time, says onContinue Reading

Italy is out of Group A! We are shocked! What happens? The Uk, Spain and now Italy? All the European hopes are flashing out! This is the year for the South American countries! Tonight Uruguay won 1-0 against Italy, and that means Italy is out of Group A too. WeContinue Reading

All the favourites lose this year! United Kingdom and Spain are already out! Brazil lost against Mexico! Italy and Uruguay has to fight to keep their positions after losses… We are confused! What happens this year? The Fifa dream is goen for the Three Lions. We were impressed how goodContinue Reading

It is a difficult life, to be part of one of the 36 anonymous reporters from Conde Nast Traveler magazine that is responsible for making an annual list of the best new hotels in the world, evaluating hundreds of new hotels, plunge into swimming pools, drinking cocktails and view stunningContinue Reading

Travel Expo

We joined the biggest travel event in Oslo 2013. It is located in Telenor Areana. The same building hosts big events like the Rihanna and Pink concert later this year, and was also the place where Eurovision Song Contest was hold 3 years ago after Norway won it. This timeContinue Reading