When I visited Indonesia, I didn’t knew that the country have some nice stuff to buy. I like to buy gadgets and I found two that seems a bit interesting to even write about. So here I share my two gadget experience with you. Toothbrush Holder I don’t know aboutContinue Reading

If you are tired of the polution and noise in Bandung, then Kawah Putih in southern Jawa in Indonesia is a worth visit. I had a very nice trip to a place that almost no one from “western” countries have seen. This area which is in the Mount Patuha, isContinue Reading

Oslo in Norway got about 600 000, but Bandung in Indonesia got over 2 million. The cities are almost identical in size, but that’s where the similarities stops. Bandung, as with many other cities in Indonesia got humongous shopping malls that is a humongous contrast to the rest of IndonesianContinue Reading

Today I arrived in Bandung, Indonesia after a long flight from Oslo. The weather was nice, but now as I am writing this, we have some awesome thunderstorm sparkling show outside. In Norway we only got them in the summer months. Hot and Hummid I am happy that we stoppedContinue Reading

In one of worlds most polluted cities. It is great to see that finally a Metro system is getting developed. The MRT Jakarta company has awarded Sumitomo Corp and Nippon Sharyo a 13 billion Yen contract for the supply of 16 car trainsets for the first Jakarta metro line whichContinue Reading