Stats, Norway: By year 2031 Norway will have 6 million people and by 2065 we will pass 7 million. Norway is growing rapidly because of its oil and well funded politics. There are lots of immigrants from Sweden, Poland, Estonia and poor countries with war. Another reason for this increase,Continue Reading

WORLD: In far, far east.. There is a land called Tarawa with capital Kiribati. This country is about to be history as ocean rises. The highest peak is 2 meters above sea level. Now, Kiribati have asked kindly both Australia and New Zealand about help to rescue its citizens. But, Continue Reading

In other media and newspapers, you always find articles about Oslo as world’s most expensive city. What you might not know, is that Oslo got many places that won’t ruin you. Oslo might never be as cheap as you want it to be, but you don’t need to spend tonsContinue Reading