On 25th of October, Hyperion announced a Bugfix update for their Workbench 3.1 Update. This bugfix availability of their previous new Workbench 3.1 release, have given their Workbench 3.1 (40.43) two small fixes on  reported issues. Registered customers can download the update for free from the restricted download area on the HyperionContinue Reading

amiga one x5000

A new PowerPC based Amiga is now getting launched as AmigaOne X5000. The price is tough, but for every hardcore Amigafan, X5000 is the next thing. X1000 was such success that A-EON now have provided the next AmigaOne version called X5000. From Trevor Dickinson’s blog: Close encounters of the X5000Continue Reading

Now all of the Amiga operating systems got support for Google Drive thru this Google Drive Handler app which you can find on Aminet. This handler lets you set up a Google Disk on your AmigaOS 4.x desktop in the same way as you can in the AmigaOS 68k, MorphOSContinue Reading

It has been a long time coming but we finally got around to releasing an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Amiga Operating System. You can download it from Hyperion’s server. This SDK includes all the usual includes and autodocs you need to use all the latest released AmigaOSContinue Reading