HTC’s top model HTC one M8 has already come as an Android version, but now it comes as a Windows Phone version too. According to the testers, it feels as great as the Android version. But the testers are not completely happy with it! Why? Well, the price is theContinue Reading

HTC One Camera

HTC introduced its new One smartphone in New York some weeks ago, and we were impressed. The phone boasts a 4.7-inch screen and a redesigned camera that can take sharper images. Not the phone is finally out, and the time is here to check out how the Ultra Pixel CameraContinue Reading

HTC one

HTC one will have a new ultrapixel camera technology and we on Distrita are excited how the photos with HTC one really looks. Can HTC compete with Nokia’s Pureview technology? Will HTC One take better photos than the camera king for the moment, Lumia 920? Well, that is maybe tooContinue Reading