One chocolate a day keeps you more alive and also prevent flu and other sicknesses stay away. Chocolate is arguably one of many people’s love to eat food that are hard to give up. In fact, even those who have decided to commit to a weight loss diet, find itContinue Reading

I am home after 2 weeks trip in Indonesia. When I landed I felt sad for leaving such warm people behind me, but I also felt fresh air pouring into my loungs. The traffic in Indonesia is so humongous that no one in Nordic countries can imagine or should debateContinue Reading

A glass of wine every day has positive effects on health. The beneficial properties of red wine have been corroborated by numerous studies, especially its action protective against heart disease and cancer. This is because one of its components is resveratrol, a natural antioxidant very beneficial to human health. AntioxidantsContinue Reading

Chocolate is said by some to be good for your health, states the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun of Japan. Why? Because chocolate contains cocoa polyphenol, which helps to inhibit arteriosclerosis and cancer. Additionally, chocolate is said to be effective in balancing the immune system and helping the body to recoverContinue Reading