From the bottom of our hearts here at Distrita and from all of our topic sites such as Amitopia and Ytago. We wish you a pleasant celebration tonight. Today is the last day of 2019 and for the last 11 years, we have been updating the site networks with overContinue Reading

Hey everybody! The new year is here! We wish 2015 to be a new and fresh year with lots of exciting events! Hopefully everybody will reach their goals and be happy. We at Distrita hope that 2015 will be another record year. Traffic is one thing. In 2014 we reachedContinue Reading


This year has been full of so much goodness. We want to take a quick moment to say Thank You. Thank You for all of your kindness, your support and the encouragement that you have sent our way this past year. We are truly grateful. May every day of theContinue Reading