The Russian Federation’s digital and internet chief, Herman Klimenko, is again in the headlines because of his statement that Windows is getting thrown out from the Russian government. Now a special Linux version is to be used. More tax During an interview Klimenko and President Vladimir Putin was expressing discontentContinue Reading

Many people goes to electronic stores, where you usually meet a salesman which wants to sell you something that you don’t want. It is so frustrating sometimes, but on other times like with the new GoPro cameras. You see them everywhere and anywhere. You might get a wrong impression? Normally,Continue Reading

Less than 0.001% of application installations on Android, is malware. This also includes applications outside of Google Play! So almost no software manages to get thru Android’s multiple layers of security.

The app store for Android smartphones, Google Play, celebrates its first anniversary and to commemorate the event to launched a series of deals for its users. “Since no birthday is complete without gifts, we will celebrate with special offers on Google Play for songs, TV shows, movies and books.’ll EvenContinue Reading