Now she is training to become expert in female fitness. She excersize together with Solveig Wilhelm in a recent fitness video that photographer Christina Gjertsen has created and uploaded on YouTube. Here is the video: In the video the girls wearing clothes that emphasizes the muscles so that they showContinue Reading

This is beautiful. Thanks to everyone who played a part in creating this! This is some ackward film, as it is company Always that stands behind it, but it proves that girls should be girls no matter age or colour. See the video here: It’s a very well document showingContinue Reading

Morioka, Japan: Policeman Iwate Prefecture, said Tuesday that a one-year-old girl died after she was hit by a car in a supermarket car park. According to the police, this tragic accident occurred at around 10:20 local time on Monday. The child, identified as Yukiho Sasaki, was walking with her motherContinue Reading

  Mexican girl of nine year old gave birth a baby in late January and is in good health, originally from the village of Ixtlahuacán in Guadalajara, Jalisco,  She was seen on January 27 by doctors at the Hospital General de Occidente, made him cesarean, “For his age, his bodyContinue Reading