Game of Thrones season 7

The most pirated game ever in history is Giana Sisters. It was on sale for a week! Then Nintendo threatened it and it became not available as a commercial product. But by the time it was removed from the shops shelves. Giana Sisters was pirated in all directions. The gameContinue Reading

This classic machine from 1992, have magic wings. Individual Computeres released Indivision AGAmk2 with DVI connector. This means that if you still got an Amiga 1200, you are now able to show up to 1280×720 which is quite amazing for a machine from 1992. The only negative side of IndivisionContinue Reading

In 1991, a game called The Adventures Of Quik And Silva by New Bits got a soundtrack that was so mind-blowing in 1991 that even today in 2013, 22 years ago is still stunning. This track was made by Chris Hüelsbeck, which also made soundtrack for Giana Sisters (Commodore 64),Continue Reading