If you like to go around in the Ruhr area in Germany, Distrita has made a nice review of Ibis hotel in Gelsenkirchen. One of the smaller cities in the area with a small but important tram-metro network. Here is our review of the hotel and how it was toContinue Reading

A German author called Peter Wohlleben says that trees in a forest does communicate with each others thru electric signals and gases. That’s something he writes about in his best selling book called The Hidden Life of Trees that you can even find on Amazon shopping website. In The HiddenContinue Reading

Credits: Anna Velikova (EBU)

With 534 points, Ukraine won Europes hearts. It was a long-lasting thriller, where most of viewers actually thought that Australia would win. But that was after when the jury points were done… Still the viewers votes weren’t counted for, so that ended with Ukraine. 1944 Jamala’s song is about theContinue Reading

Today Distrita launches a project aiming at playing Train Fever in a way where I connect all of the cities with tram lines instead of train lines that takes huge space because of the big needed central stations. The project itself is to only build tram lines between cities inContinue Reading