affordable things to do in georgia

Here is a list of some things you can do in Georgia with a budget of $10! Sounds crazy and unreal right? Well, I am about to prove you wrong. Check out the entire article on Free things to do in Tbilisi Also, check out this list of FREEContinue Reading

The 5 Best Seaside Resorts in Adjara (Georgia)

Seaside resorts in Adjara are not few and sea tourism is very popular in Georgia. Subtropical climate, warm sea, well-equipped seashores, merge of the sea and mountains- all of these create unique environment for a great vacation. The coastline stretches at 21 km and water temperature fluctuates around +21-29 degreesContinue Reading

kinkhali national dish georgia

Georgian cuisine is arguably one of the underrated ones in the world. Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet from the 19th century stated “Every Georgian dish is a poem” and honestly, there would not be any other better way of describing Georgian cuisine. Our country was ruled by Greeks, Iranians, Romans,Continue Reading

Georgia amusement and entertainment cities

Dreamy nature, outstanding cuisine, distinguished language, unique culture, hospitable and joyful people make Georgia as special as it is with its ancient churches, towers, fortresses and fantastic landscapes. But somehow Georgia is still one of the most underrated travel destinations. Why? – Perhaps tourists keep the country as their treasureContinue Reading