Here in Scandinavia, many different type of media types have got the rights to show Game of Thrones. We have streaming and paytv services, but also our two  national tv channels, including Danish TV3 got the rights. The only ones getting the latest episodes is HBO Nordic and CMore. So,Continue Reading

Distrita is progressing and we really have to thank all Americans, which love our site. The numbers is really striking compared to China, Germany and even Norway where the main Distrita team sits. Thanks to all of you supporting and visiting our site and we really appreciate that you loveContinue Reading

What if we had a time apocalypse and was sent back to the 1980’s? Wouldn’t the Game of Thrones intro be a bit different? Here is a video that I found on the net few months ago, which have more than 2 million views. Very nice with the HBO nostalgiaContinue Reading