Many news sites reports that Microsofts Auto-install of Windows 10 is getting many complaints. China claims that Microsoft is abusing its posistion and many are frustrated over Microsoft’s agressive Windows 10 tactics. The company naturally want as many as possible to install their new Windows version. Especially important is toContinue Reading

If you don’t know. Apple started it’s journey on Motorola 68000 CPU’s, the same CPU which sits inside Atari and Amiga computers. Then they jumped from 68k to PowerPC and in the end MacOSX got released by Apple. They are known for manufacturing iMacs, MacMini, PowerMacs, iBooks (laptop) and PowerBooksContinue Reading

MorphOS Upgrade Guide for PowerPC Mac Users Worldwide

MorphOS, the lightweight OS (which also can run AmigaOS 68k Software instantly) is now out for MacMini G4, PowerMac G4, PowerBook G4, eMac G4 and now PowerMac G5 support is on its way. You’r old PPC Mac becomes useable again! And be sure it will be supported, not like AppleContinue Reading