From 11th to 13th of June 2015, Oslo Comic Expo (OCX) was held. Many international comic drawers came, but Strekinstinkt crew which FXmedia (company that have created Distrita) have made website for was also there. Strekinstinkt [layerslider id=”15″] Please visit their website for supporting them; Once they have moreContinue Reading

Before Nokia went into Windows Mobile business. They managed to release a phone called Nokia N9. It was equipped with MeeGo operating system, which Sailfish OS is based on. The phone sold very well, even with low advertisement. It outsold many of Nokia’s first Windows Mobile phones also. But NokiaContinue Reading

Gaming News, Norway: The employees of Funcom are sent home for today, and just before 12 o’clock they left their jobs. It happens after the Economic Crime (Økokrim) in 8 o’clock moved into the offices of Funcom. After the The Secret World on-line game did worse than expected, there haveContinue Reading

Problems with looking for good musicvideos on YouTube? Tired of the rnb beats on your local radio? FXTV brings you the best from world of music everyday. All of the artists shown on FXTV have agreed to be played on the channel. After 21.00, everyday we also show musicvideos containingContinue Reading

FXTV is your new web-tv channel brought to you by FXmedia, which is part of making Distrita website. The channel offers musicvideos, shortfilms, movies, documentaries and news. Its mainly focused on Norwegian viewers, but it has no subtitling. General thing is that anything on it should be either in EnglishContinue Reading

FXmedia have put the latest musicvideo called Leaf in the wind by Purple Scream on YouTube. This is a fantastic song, which you will love more and more. Now you can watch it on FXmedia, and on YouTube. You can also watch the YouTube clip here.

FXmedia which is part of Distrita website, announce that Purple Scream’s Leaf in the wind song is out for public to see it on website. This musicvideo will also be played on the day TV Norden got Premiere. We at Distrita hopes that you like the song, and ifContinue Reading