The goal of LIVING FOR ALL PEOPLE project is to improve the quality of life in the homes of families in terms of safety, comfort and energy savings thanks to new integrated automation technologies in the domestic environment-kitchen.The pride LAK kitchen is, in fact, the face recognition system that framesContinue Reading

Ticket Machines

At their best, ticket machines will sell you the ticket you need and help you avoid ticket-office queues when you’re late for a train, writes WhichWebsite. We agree. Even in Norway, the ticket machines are not very easy to use. There are many steps. And not easy to catch aContinue Reading


Hello, and thanks to everyone visiting Distrita. Without you, we wouldn’t do what we are doing. As you see, we have some advertisements here and there, but its mostly for testing. So, if you see too many advertisements some times, its only us testing. Once we are done with it,Continue Reading

Making Money

According to the Norwegian newspaper, DN, 2013 should be a fantastic year to invest in the stock market. Last year we were adviced to invest in Norwegian and we did. And it was a great advice! Less than one year afterwards, we have doubled the amount we invested. Here weContinue Reading

iPhone for oldies

The teens want the latest, greatest phone that speaks to their generation. Samsung’s Galaxy and Microsoft’s Surface have recently introduced new and never-before-seen devices, whereas the first iPhone has almost not been changed since it came 6 years ago. “Teens are telling us Apple is done,” says Tina Wells ofContinue Reading