online success plan

We want to help you finding the online success plan! There are too many people attracted to the idea of making it big online. Many of them probably got enticed with the multi-million dollar testimonials and the “get rich quick” scheme. It is true that there are those who found onlineContinue Reading

President Obama held his most promising speech ever in Selma, Alabama on Saturday 7th of March 2015. Distrita thinks it was his best speech ever! It was almost as good as Martin Luther King’s speech where everybody still remembers the famous quote “I have a dream”. We are sure manyContinue Reading

More and more news sites on the net, gets a subscription system. This is so wrong and is against all the way what Internet should be about. Internet is not TV. We all know what happened after Murdoch bought Sky Channel and diverted Europe totally,… by doing so mr. MurdochContinue Reading