A totally new game is now out for classic Amiga! Blocky Skies is its name and I must say its got nice graphics, wow music and amazing gameplay. This is for sure a game that you won’t find on any other platform and therfore it goes into the same genreContinue Reading

ADTWin is a free tool for writing Amiga disks from a PC. It requires a PC with a parallel port running Windows XP (later 32-bit versions of Windows might work as well) and a floppy drive that is connected to the PC’s parallel port by a self-made cable (detailed instructionsContinue Reading

The Amiga Walker have been a prototype that most thinks doesn’t exist or even work! But Distrita have now tried the last ever working Amiga Walker and also the last original Classic Amiga computer to ever be made. It was and still is Petro Tyschtschenko machine, since he was theContinue Reading