Spotted garden eel

A pretty strange fish alike eel or is it an alien pulls like 60-70 percent of its body out of the sand to eat is a really interesting creature that I managed to spot at Loro Parque in Tenerife (Canary Islands). The spotted garden eel is widespread fish, that youContinue Reading

Ireland’s cuisine can be divided into two main categories – traditional dishes composed mainly of very simple, and modern dishes that without following the traditional rules can be found in hotels, restaurants etc.. Available for turistas.El main ingredient is potato Irish cuisine. A representative is the Colcannon dish made ​​withContinue Reading

Now internationally recognized, restaurant La Habichuela started in an authenticates house Yucateca in 1977, maintaining a 100% family business under the direct supervision of the owners and hosts, Pezzotti family. The diningroom, filled with intriguing prints, paintings and art objects from the private collection of Armando and Clara Pezzotti isContinue Reading