Barcelona Metro Distrita Transportation News

The city of Barcelona is expanding its Metro network a lot. One of the cities in Europe that can be compared to New York sort of. But they are also quite different too. On 2nd of March a New metro station on L10 Sud opened its doors for usage. ProvençanaContinue Reading

For those who wanted a blast from the past, there was a 1980s film weekender taking place in Manchester, United Kingdom centre end of last month – with some cult classics on show. Tucked away on Sadler’s Lawn -among Manchester’s most recent public squares behind the CIS Tower and NewContinue Reading

Oslo in Norway

In our part of the globe, we have about 8 months with “colder” weather here upnorth in Norway which is part of the Nordic countries in Europe. So, when the spring comes and the first warmer temps comes. People in Oslo goes out like they’ve never seen the sun inContinue Reading

Once in the mighty TV history in Europe, FilmNet was born in December 1984. At first, the tv channel only broadcasted in the evenings, but shortly after it’s release the owners decided to go 24 hours as Europes first 24 hours tv channel. Here viewers could get movies 24 hoursContinue Reading