“Hero” is not only a good song, but it has a text with a hidden message! “Hero” with an important message Swedish Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöv struggled with bullying at school and wrote a song about it (together with director Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman and the animator David Nordström)! Due toContinue Reading

El sueno de Morfeo

“El Sueño de Morfeo”A group that combines rock music, traditional folk music and pop? Yes, and it is not The Corrs! It is a Spanish band with 8 years of successful discography! Find out more here! We must admit that we really miss The Corrs, the Irish family group thatContinue Reading

Robin Stjernberg

The boy match was between the 17 year old Yohio and the 22 year old Robin. But Robin had the strongest song! He has song 3 weeks in row. He’s the first Melody Festival singer ever that goes from the 2nd chance and wins the final! We congratulate him, andContinue Reading

Ulrik Munther

The semifinals are over. But the Swedish music circus continues. There’s still a second chance. Next week 8 of the singers will sing one more time and the Swedish viewers will choose their favorites. And after that, there’s a Grand Finale. There will be 10 performances in the big finalContinue Reading