Knight Rider is a really high-tech modern crime series where David Hasselhoff is starring as Micheael Knight. It was first aired in 1982 by NBC. The show got lots of fans very quickly, but in 1986 they decided to stop it. All of the episodes are interesting to watch, butContinue Reading

Today, we at Distrita wants to introduce you to Salty Dog. A Japanese group with a Norwegian singer. So, here is our special interview with Inger, the brilliant singer in Salty Dog. Here you get to know how she became part of the group and how she got to knowContinue Reading

Distrita is growing and we want to expand so that we can give you even more articles and interviews. We have many readers from USA, China and Germany that have requested this. So! Distrita is listening to you. From now on our Entertainment section will be much more alive! AlsoContinue Reading

Norway, Media: In 1988, TV3 was the first commercial Scandinavian tv-channel available for Norwegians. Before first day of broadcast for TV3 in Norway, NRK (national tv broadcaster) had monopoly in Norway. TV3 started 19.00 (9 pM) and ended around Midnight local time. The channel aimed at showing great entertainment, butContinue Reading

A new game called The Ghost Blade, from Caravan Shooting Game for Dreamcast (made by SEGA) will be released during 2013. It is developed by Hucastgames. The game focus is joy and entertainment like any other shoot’em ups. Dreamcast have a huge fanbase and it seems it wont die soContinue Reading


We want you go in weekend mode, and we help you with serving you some chilled movie clips with your favourite friends, the cats.