We often look at our best friends, the dogs as a bit not that smart. They do learn what we teach them to do, but we often don’t see them do something other than what we humans have learned them to do. That was until I found this video onContinue Reading

What sort of dog would you choose, if you want to have a dog? That is the ultimate question asked by everyone everywhere! As with cats, dogs also have personality and all of the races have different way of behave towards humans. Lhasa Apso dogs is such dog type whichContinue Reading

Many of us would think that if a dog steals some toy from a child, the dog will just take it. But not this dog! This dog felt guilt and put all the toys back to the child. Amazing story that have hit many peoples hearts on the net. HereContinue Reading

St Bernhard

Kent Sturk was awakened by his dog barking Alban middle of the night. Then stood his cabin in Kerändöjärvi in ​​Norrbotten in flames. – I’m lucky that I brought with me Alban in the house otherwise I would not be here, says Kent Sturk.

Sometimes, we as humans thinks that WE are lazy? Or?… Well, here I found a YouTube video with a lazy dog, that doesn’t want to leave the tramtracks. There is no statement of where this video is taken, but I think its some kind of Polish city. Some girls triesContinue Reading