Puerto Escondido is a destination that is on the exotic shores of the Mexican Pacific blessed waters and tropical climate. The beauty of its natural attractions is perhaps what wins national and foreign tourists, which is the ideal place to hide from the routine. The desire to contemplate nature becomesContinue Reading

You can find almost all kind of food everywhere now worldwide. An exception may be the “pulque”, which nearly only can be found in Mexico. Pulque is the essential characteristic of Mexican cuisine. Almost every Mexican state has its own recipes and culinary traditions. Of course this diversity is moreContinue Reading

The fascinating country of Morocco is located a few steps from Europe, has two seas and spectacular mountain ranges, as well as its delicious cuisine and impressive history, has many tourist attractions that are worth visiting Chefchaouen. – Chefchaouen, Chefchaouen also called, is a city located in the Rif MountainsContinue Reading

Vapiano closed in Norway

To open something new in Norway is very hard. Companies such as Pizza Hut, Lidl, ICA, and Vapiano didn’t make it. What was the reason for that happening? As we are located in Oslo, Norway and have an interest in whats going on in our capital. We like to lookContinue Reading