The lifetime of Sony’s PSP havent been the best. It is facings issues because Sony dont allow it to be used. So many broke it and made it open and in the end TBL, a demoscene group made a PSP only demo production which is very good indeed. Here itContinue Reading

You use you’r 3GHz PC or even a fast Mac or Linux machine? Well, some prefer to stay with Amiga. The Amiga have survived thanks to many demoscene groups which makes demo productions for Amiga. TBL – The Black Lotus as the demoscene group is called, is one of theContinue Reading

A new TV channel called FXTV will be launched exclusive for those with Antik IPTV set-top box. This will be a channel broadcasting from 14.00CET to 01.00CET. FXTV will contain digital art, computer animations, demoscene videoclips and reports from various computer and gadget events. It will be a channel you’veContinue Reading

JAPAN: Tokyo Demo Fest, the biggest and only demoparty in Japan, is back for its third edition. Here is the invitation video, on YouTube: This time, Tokyo Demo Fest will take place in the center of Tokyo, for two days, on February 9 (Saturday) and 10 (Sunday), 2013, taking advantageContinue Reading

Do you know that Computers also have a life beyond Excel and Word? Distrita is driven by people interested in lot’s and here at Distrita we want to reveal a scene that most of you don’t even knew that existed.