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CERN have just announced that AMD got plans to launch a monster CPU that might give Intel yet another competition challenge. The next AMD cpu got the name Zen. This CPU will feature 32 cores and 8 channel DDR4 mem connection. This will sure give Intel some competition. The worldContinue Reading

It looks like there is an merge going on between NXP Semiconductors and Freescale Semiconductors. Freescale is known for have been the CPU part of Motorola and produces PowerPC processors for the announced AmigaOne X5000 computer. The cpu’s are P3041- and P50x0. Distrita follows this news with open eyes. NXPContinue Reading

This year, Amiga celebrates 30 Years of Survival against all odds by the PC scene which have tried to get it buried. But did you know that Amiga could do 3D games also? Quake engine is to intense for the 68k CPU from Motorola, but there was several other gamesContinue Reading