super bowl 2018

The advertisers spend a lot for advertising in the middle of Super Bowl, and the commercials must be worth the high price. That’s why so many of the super bowl commercials are unique and…

Go to “about: config” enter “newtab” in the search field and change “browser.newtabpage.enabled” to false … and the advertisement is gone. Mozilla adds will be introduced on the page when you want to add a new tab. The nine rectangles with links to websites you have visited, a feature copiedContinue Reading

The overall TV experience in USA and Europe is quite different. Especially in those countries in Europe where you have national TV and more strict rules for showing commercials on TV. In USA you have PBS as I understand, but when I have been visiting, only the news from ITNContinue Reading

Many people goes to electronic stores, where you usually meet a salesman which wants to sell you something that you don’t want. It is so frustrating sometimes, but on other times like with the new GoPro cameras. You see them everywhere and anywhere. You might get a wrong impression? Normally,Continue Reading