Now you can take Tramline 4A clockwise and 4B anti-clockwise around the city center of one of the bigger southern France cities named Montpellier. The city is known for its stylish architecture and sits next to the Mediterranean sea. The tram system carries over 120000 passengers each day, so nowContinue Reading

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With hot summers and mild winters, Adelaide is Australia’s 5th largest city with just over 1 million citizens. Then its nice to be able to get around in an easy way. In most of European cities at this size, there are both trams, metros and subways helping out. Oslo forContinue Reading

Today Distrita launches a project aiming at playing Train Fever in a way where I connect all of the cities with tram lines instead of train lines that takes huge space because of the big needed central stations. The project itself is to only build tram lines between cities inContinue Reading

The Donky bicycle is definitely not a traditional beauty that prioritizes the power, simplicity and urban maneuverability over sensual designs or fancy attire. bicycleThe picture, which was nominated for the Design Award of the Year by the Design Museum in London, is inspired by the BMX and has resistant 20-inchContinue Reading

FXmedia have created a movie of Fløyenbanen in Bergen. This is a small video, showing Bergen from height. Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and is the city in the world which is wettest.

attractions. Ukraine is the second largest state of the European continent after Russia, and is characterized by extensive plains of fertile land and large areas of forest. Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, is known as the “Mother of Cities” because it is one of the oldest towns in Europe. There areContinue Reading

Portugal is a sovereign country member of the European Union. In spring and summer, the weather is usually warm and pleasant, reaching temperatures above 40 ° C, on the other hand, both the fall and winter have constant rains and remarkable fresh. The Portugal’s cuisine is varied, but can easilyContinue Reading

Sometimes, we as humans thinks that WE are lazy? Or?… Well, here I found a YouTube video with a lazy dog, that doesn’t want to leave the tramtracks. There is no statement of where this video is taken, but I think its some kind of Polish city. Some girls triesContinue Reading