China: All did not go according to plan when a crowd was going to board a ferry in Jinax Province in east China Monday morning. Suddenly the bridge collapses, and the panicked crowd goes to water. Watch the video clip here.

China.-the company Volkswagen presented at the fair in Shanghai, China motor, the iBeetle, the classic beetle after a close alliance between the German company and Apple. The iBeetle has a base dock and an application designed under the supervision of the workers of the Cupertino company. Of disagrees with VW,Continue Reading

Panda Easter

We want to say thank you to all our visitors! Have a nice easter week. Enjoy it and take care of your family and friends! Relax and have fun! One way to realax is to watch cool youtube videos. Today we want to show you some cute animal clips. HaveContinue Reading

Travel Expo

We joined the biggest travel event in Oslo 2013. It is located in Telenor Areana. The same building hosts big events like the Rihanna and Pink concert later this year, and was also the place where Eurovision Song Contest was hold 3 years ago after Norway won it. This timeContinue Reading