In the state of Morelos in Mexico, at the 129km  of the Mexico-Acapulco highway, this garden got world’s largest flowers, called “Jardines de México” (Gardens of Mexico). This multi sanctuary consists of eight thematic gardens: The Floral Fan, Four Spring Garden, Cactus Garden, Italian-Style Garden, Japanese-Style Garden, Labyrinth of Senses,Continue Reading

Poverty in the United States concerns the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In a report on the U.S. economy, which was presented in Washington DC Wednesday, calling for more IMF policy initiatives to reduce poverty. Barrack Obama have not be able to reduce U.S’s poor children statistics. The percentage of AmericansContinue Reading

Children and parents get ready to slide down a 100-meter slope on Sunday at the 47th Iwate Snow Festival. This attraction is part of many attractions in addition to the 11 snow and ice sculptures on display. Lunch and dinner are available in igloos known as “kamakura.” The festival, whichContinue Reading

North Korea

Norway: A former chief sponsor, one SKUP winner in journalism and Norwegian ex-spokesman for North Korea wants to start a tourist-agent company to the world’s most closed country in the world. North Korea, which is known for their torture of their children and people is these Norwegians new business plan.Continue Reading

In a world of touchscreens. Our children, which is born today. They simply don’t know anything about Joysticks, cassette loading or even what a mouse is very soon. When I grow up, Commodore 64 was the thing to have, but I was a bit too young to know anything aboutContinue Reading

Did you know? On January 6 of each year is the day of the Three Kings. It is one of the most anticipated days for children, in many Latin American countries and Spain. Children prepared a letter with the request of his gifts that fit either in your shoes, inContinue Reading