Tim Sweeney, which is the CEO of Epic Games that have developed Steam, is now critical to Microsoft again. Windows 10 Updates breaking Steam support Sweeney believes that this is yet another attempt by Microsoft to lock down Windows and shut out Steam. Similar to Windows RT, which means thatContinue Reading

What a pleasant surprise. Timothy De Groote is now the new CEO of Hyperion Entertainment. I met him at Amiga 30th in Amsterdam last year, but he didnt mention that this would going to happen??? Heh! What a nice touch to the ones developing AmigaOS 4.1. Maybe the times willContinue Reading

TVNorges own company SBS Discovery has never been higher revenue than last year. The CEO of TV Norge, Harald Strømme received a total income of 17.9 million Norwegian Kroner, which is $2771008 USD. That is way more than its workers. Mr. Strømme got an extra bonus of 12.2 million for the completed saleContinue Reading