Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration that honors the ancestors during the 31 October and 1 and November 2, death is an omnipresent figure in Mexican art with a rich representative variety, it is believed that the souls of the deceased return those nights to enjoy the dishesContinue Reading

Spain’s crown prince was proclaimed King Felipe VI Thursday, succeeding his high-living father in a low-key ceremony designed for a country still facing economic hardship and divided over the monarchy. The 46-year-old king, wearing a blue military uniform, swore an oath of loyalty to Spain’s constitution before a joint sessionContinue Reading

  Thirteen days after Western Christmas, on January 7th, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas, in accordance with the old Julian calendar. It’s a day of both solemn ritual and joyous celebration. After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn’t untilContinue Reading