If you love cats, then you will love going to Aoshima island in Japan. Distrita welcomes you to the cat island, Aosshima in Japan. The cat island location The Aoshima island is sitting just outside of Matsuyama city. The connection with mainland Japan is only 2 times a day withContinue Reading

What sort of dog would you choose, if you want to have a dog? That is the ultimate question asked by everyone everywhere! As with cats, dogs also have personality and all of the races have different way of behave towards humans. Lhasa Apso dogs is such dog type whichContinue Reading

Take a look at this clip. A cat came into the zoo and became a friend to this big lynx cat beast. Watch it all here: Here are some of the peoples comments: United Nations should involve in this relation…just like Israel & Palestine, same species but different in colour,Continue Reading

This is a video sent in by a reader of Distrita. I have to agree,.. It’s a cuddle cat with polite manners. This video have over 1 000 000 viewers already.. Too bad the cat doesn’t know its a star :) Watch it here: Source: YouTube


We want you go in weekend mode, and we help you with serving you some chilled movie clips with your favourite friends, the cats.