GTA5 Stylish Photo

Most of us plays GTA5 to have fun and be crazy in this open world game. People just love to play this game because the freedom is so much higher than in real life where rules and laws must be followed or Police will put you much easier into jailContinue Reading

Yet another action camera release is coming from the GoPro team. HERO4 cameras take Emmy® Award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. Distrita is looking forward to their launch.

Xiaomi’s career is worthy of analysis because in just over four years has managed to ascend to the elite and rub shoulders with the leading manufacturers of smartphones worldwide. The secret lies in the excellent price-performance of their teams In China several of its models were sold in minutes asContinue Reading

First we need to send a big thanks to LG which actually sent us a LG G3 phone for testing. Second we must say even in the start, that this review is based on our reactions and views of the phone. Let’s begin! Getting it out of the box: TheContinue Reading

Review, Jolla mobile with Sailfish OS: A New Beginning it is! A new company called Jolla, a new mobile called Jolla mobile and a new mobile operating system called Sailfish OS. It’s all new, but how does everything work? Distrita finds out. The company Jolla: In May 2013 I calledContinue Reading

Hover Preview

Samsung continues to release the new features their new flagship Galaxy S4 can offer. One of them is the SmartPause funcion. That is really brilliant: If you look away from the mobile screen, the video automatically is paused until your eyes get its attention again! Isn’t it amazing? It hasContinue Reading

HTC one

HTC one will have a new ultrapixel camera technology and we on Distrita are excited how the photos with HTC one really looks. Can HTC compete with Nokia’s Pureview technology? Will HTC One take better photos than the camera king for the moment, Lumia 920? Well, that is maybe tooContinue Reading