Are you furious that World Cup in Brazil is over? The next World Cup will be held in Russia. So relax, it is “only” 1,423 days until the next World Cup party, which will be twice as expensive. When the Olympics in Sotsji was been held. Putin and Russia sparedContinue Reading

One of worlds biggest sports events is now over. The World Cup in Brazil,.. where the “rich” part of Brazil have had a fun time, while the streets of Brazil have been full of demonstrations against FIFA and how the poor have been treated in Brazil. Should it be FIFA’sContinue Reading

In a thriller of a match, Germany manages to score in the last 15 minutes of extra time. This led Germany to win the World Cup and Distrita congratulates them. Thanks to all reading Distrita during the World Cup. We aren’t so updated as others, but we have followed nowContinue Reading

This is a sad day for Brazil and lots of Football fans. Germany won 7 to 1 over Brazil yesterday. This must be one of the most hurting experience. For me, Football is not so spectacular but I do watch World Cups. Yesterday I came home from a friend andContinue Reading

Argentina and Belgium won tonight! Mexico almost won on Sunday, but everything changed just before the last minutes of 2nd half! That had been a historical match for Mexico as they have lost the 1/8 match for the last 4 times. Seems like their destiny is to lose just there,Continue Reading

In USA, or better United States of America. They like to play Football, but Football there is not the same as Football in Europe. American Football is sort of violent game but with lots of players having full protection. American Football is also almost impossible to understand. I have beenContinue Reading

If you ever wondered which TV channels in the world is broadcasting the popular World Cup in Brazil, Distrita have made a list here that you can share with anyone. World Cup is gathering the world together. Football is fun and lets hope that these gives us more love andContinue Reading

FIFA can confirm that we have opened disciplinary action against Uruguayan Luis Suarez after what seems like violation of disciplinary rules during the match between Italy and Uruguay. The player and the Uruguayan Football Association are invited to submit their views and any evidence at 17.00 Brazilian time, says onContinue Reading

Tonight’s matches have proved that Mexico and Brazil are true winner teams! They are both in the A Group and have 7 points each. Mexico will play against the Netherlands on Monday. Spain is not in the A Group anymore, but won today 3-0 against Australia. Kamerun lost 1-4 againstContinue Reading

All the favourites lose this year! United Kingdom and Spain are already out! Brazil lost against Mexico! Italy and Uruguay has to fight to keep their positions after losses… We are confused! What happens this year? The Fifa dream is goen for the Three Lions. We were impressed how goodContinue Reading