From now on, Distrita will put lots of picture Galleries from places where we have been. To start with, I put all of my pictures from rainy October 2013 in Bergen, Norway. The pictures is in their original state, so you need good Internet connection to view them. I doContinue Reading

One of Norway’s biggest newspaper got something called VG-lista. This is a pop-list with the most selling hits in Norway. Now in July, they have several free “big” concerts in several Norwegian towns. Here is the dates: Stavanger, 9th of July Bergen, 16th of July Tromsø, 23th of July Sortland,Continue Reading

Light Rail Construction Under the City

Bergen, Norway: The west-coast town in Norway called Bergen, is Norways second largest town with over 300000. This means that such town should have a Light-Rail system! Now Bergen has one after many years with only busses going on its streets. Bybanen is the name of the transit and standsContinue Reading

Tuesday 11th of February at. 20.30 Bien Bar, Danmarksplass its happening again. So if you are in Bergen, and wants some classic tones into your ears for free at Bien Bar. Its time to go now. Goto: for more info about Bergen Kammermusikk Forening, which is the force behindContinue Reading