Barcelona Metro Distrita Transportation News

The city of Barcelona is expanding its Metro network a lot. One of the cities in Europe that can be compared to New York sort of. But they are also quite different too. On 2nd of March a New metro station on L10 Sud opened its doors for usage. ProvençanaContinue Reading

The crisis in Southern Europe has lead to lots of sales to investors from around the world has got record high interest! E.g, there are lots of Norwegian real estate companies in Spain selling properties to Norwegian investors! And who are the investors? They are everybody from families wanting aContinue Reading

Before Nokia went into Windows Mobile business. They managed to release a phone called Nokia N9. It was equipped with MeeGo operating system, which Sailfish OS is based on. The phone sold very well, even with low advertisement. It outsold many of Nokia’s first Windows Mobile phones also. But NokiaContinue Reading

Nokia could have been saved by their MeeGo direction. Nokia N9 showed this. It’s popularity went straight up after its release in 2011. Almost all of the mobile gadget websites gave it full score. The screen was nice done, the phone design was perfect for MeeGo OS, it got Micro-USBContinue Reading

Cruise lovers have something to look forward to!  Royal Caribbean is sending the Oasis of the Seas, one of the largest ships in the world,  to Europe in 2014 for three cruises before it heads into drydock for maintenance. The Oasis has been sailing out of Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale, FloridaContinue Reading