Now Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Final is set. Almost every country in the Nordic and many others didn’t pass the semi-finals. But who will win? Who will win everyones hearts in Europe? Read on to find out what Distrita thinks. Here we rank the 5 songs that we think thatContinue Reading

San Marino is one of the smallest countries participating on this years Eurovision. With only 30 000 people, this country is inside Italy. They have been participating in Eurovision many years, with the last 3 years done by Valentina Monetta. Duet replaces Valentina’s struggle With her very first song aboutContinue Reading

Liechtenstein is one of world’s smallest countries. It sits between Austria and Switzerland in Europe. Also nice to know is that Liechtenstein is the only German speaking country, which doesn’t have borders with Germany. In this short feature article, I am focusing on the Olympics, because what interest me is theContinue Reading