Credits: Anna Velikova (EBU)

With 534 points, Ukraine won Europes hearts. It was a long-lasting thriller, where most of viewers actually thought that Australia would win. But that was after when the jury points were done… Still the viewers votes weren’t counted for, so that ended with Ukraine. 1944 Jamala’s song is about theContinue Reading

Who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016? The 17 year old school boy Frans Jeppsson Wall won the Swedish edition of ESC qualification show with “If I were sorry”. As normal the show, Melodifestivalen, consists of 6 shows of 90 mins each, and tonight the winner was chosenContinue Reading

One of the favourite countries in Eurovision have always been Sweden. People bet on them all the time, because Sweden got lots of great song writers. Loreen with her song Euphoria is one of the most loved Eurovision songs from Sweden beside Carola and ABBA. Watch the Loreen video hereContinue Reading

The small island country in Asia beside China which is as big as Norway, but doubletwice as many people got a positive record in January. Japan recorded highest number of tourists ever in January. The Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) said this on Wednesday. According to the JNTO, 1,218,400 foreignContinue Reading

The construction will begin to start in 2018, for completion by 2026. It will go thru the Melbourne City metro circle. Melbourne is one of Australia’s biggest cities. The line will go thru the circle and become a great alternative to the Metro ring. This new alternative will also giveContinue Reading